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Links to many American Indian books!

Below are many links to many American Indian books.  All of these links are from a wonderful website called Native Languages of the Americas.  The contents of their page is included below, and if you use the links they provide they get a gift certificate from Amazon for every book sold via the link.


Native Languages of the Americas: 
American Indian Books

This page is our collection of links to good Native American books for sale online. If you would like to recommend an American Indian book for this page or think one of the ones on here should be removed, please contact us telling us why. gives us a gift certificate to use for the Native Languages of the Americas library every time someone buys a book through one of these links, so if you find one you want to buy, please do consider buying it during the same session so we get credit for it. Thanks, and happy reading! 


             ˜Native American History and Culture Books

American Indian books about history and culture
˜Native American Dictionaries and Language Learning Materials
American Indian dictionaries and audio language courses
˜Native American Literature 
Novels, stories, and other literary books by Native American authors
˜Native American Poetry Books 
Books of poetry by Native American authors
˜Native American Biographies and Autobiographies 
Life stories of American Indian people past and present
˜Native American Books of Legends and Folktales 
American Indian books about folklore and mythology
˜Native American Genealogy Books 
American Indian books about genealogy and family history
˜Native American Art Books 
American Indian books about arts and crafts
˜Native American Books for Children 
American Indian books suitable for younger readers
˜Native American Music and other Audio 
American Indian music and storytelling tapes
˜Native American Movies and other Video 
American Indian movies and documentaries
˜Books about Specific Native American Tribes and Nations
American Indian books about individual tribes

Books about Specific Native American Tribes and Nations

Abenaki Indian BooksAlgonquin Indian BooksApache Indian BooksArapaho Indian BooksBeothuk Indian Books
Blackfeet Indian BooksCaddo Indian BooksCatawba Indian BooksCayuga Indian BooksChehalis Indian Books
Cherokee Indian BooksCheyenne Indian BooksChickasaw Indian BooksChinook Indian BooksChippewa Indian Books
Choctaw Indian BooksChumash Indian BooksCoeur d'Alene Indian BooksComanche Indian BooksConestoga Indian Books
Cree Indian BooksCroatoan Indian BooksDakota Indian BooksFlathead Indian BooksGros Ventre Indian Books
Havasupai Indian BooksHopi Indian BooksHuron Indian BooksIllinois Indian BooksInnu Indian Books
Iroquois Indian BooksKansa Indian BooksKiowa Indian BooksKickapoo Indian BooksLenape Indian Books
Maidu Indian BooksMakah Indian BooksMandan Indian BooksMenominee Indian BooksMetis Indian Books
Miami Indian BooksMiccosukee Indian BooksMi'kmaq Indian BooksMiwok Indian BooksMohawk Indian Books
Mohave Indian BooksMohegan Indian BooksMohican Indian BooksMuscogee Indian BooksNanticoke Indian Books
Narragansett Indian BooksNatchez Indian BooksNavajo Indian BooksNez Perce Indian BooksOhlone Indian Books
Omaha Indian BooksOneida Indian BooksOnondaga Indian BooksOsage Indian BooksOtoe Indian Tribe
Ottawa Indian BooksPapago Indian BooksPassamaquoddy Indian BooksPawnee Indian BooksPenobscot Indian Books
Pomo Indian BooksPotawatomi Indian BooksPowhatan Indian BooksPueblo Indian BooksQuinault Indian Books
Sac and Fox Indian BooksSeminole Indian BooksSeneca Indian BooksShawnee Indian BooksShoshone Indian Books
Taino Indian BooksTarahumara Indian BooksTigua Indian BooksTimucua Indian BooksTlingit Indian Books
Tonkawa Indian BooksTuscarora Indian BooksUmatilla Indian BooksUte Indian BooksWalla Walla Indian Books
Wampanoag Indian BooksWashoe Indian BooksWichita Indian BooksWinnebago Indian BooksWiyot Indian Books
Yakima Indian BooksYaqui Indian BooksYurok Indian BooksZapotec Indian BooksZuni Indian Books